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Chris Sieber
American Legion Post #21
126 NE Atlantic Avenue;
 McMinnville, Oregon 97128-9005

November Approved ALR Minutes

Meeting called to order at 1900 hrs

Director led Pledge of Allegiance

Chaplain gave the opening prayer

Roll Call: Director present, Deputy Director present, Secretary present, Treasurer present, Sgt at Arms present, Safety Coordinator/Road Captain present, Historian present, Chaplain present, Membership Coordinator present, 20 members present including officers.

Riders Purpose: Read

Last meeting minutes: Motion made and seconded to pass the last meeting minutes as distributed via email and hard copies at the meeting. Motion passed.

Treasurer’s report: Previous checkbook balance was $7628.85

After checks were written, the balance is as follows;

Uncommitted balance $7497.14

Committed balance $307.00

Petty cash balance $39.29

Motion made, seconded to accept the treasurer’s report. Motion passed.

Debra reported we gave $5012.50 so far in 2017. Benefactors were Sea Cadets $120, Baseball teams $300, Police Flags $129, Post 21 $967.50, ALS $175, Legacy Fund $3000, Honor Guard $286, State Riders $35


Director’s report: Director Sieber reported the Veterans Day Dinner was a success; served 126 meals, 66 of which were Veteran dinners. There was a great turn out with 6-7 riders serving and helping out. The food was outstanding! Kudos to Jim Smith and Terry Ward and Leroy Brown!

On 11/10 Chris picked up the POW flag that had travelled across the United States. Mike Paull and Director Sieber got a photo with the flag at Post 21. This was followed later by a ceremony including Gene, Bob, Jim, Farley, Rich and Chamberlain and hand off to Newberg where it will travel to Tigard and then Idaho. There is a Facebook page and photos are available on the state ALR website. This tour was to raise awareness for the 82-83,000 brothers and sisters who never made it home and are still missing. Post Commander Sears said, “Thank you Chris for your efforts and making this happen! They did a phenomenal job getting this flag around to raise awareness.”  There is going to be a day in September designated for a POW Awareness Ride; more information to follow on this.

Club manager Gina Eggleston and Director Sieber planned a Thanksgiving Potluck so the staff and volunteers could enjoy the holiday with their families. This was well attended with good eats especially the smoked turkeys by Gene and Del.

Chris has appointed Steve Randles as Vice Director and Paul Schnell as Sgt at Arms.

Chris is glad the Christmas trees showed up. They will need coverage selling trees in 4 hour shifts; 8-12, 12-4, 4-8.

The Veterans/1st Responders Parade had a good turnout. Chris was especially glad to see Jimmy Smith show up and prove he had a bike! “We all arrived early but it was good because the parking lot filled quickly and maneuvering around became difficult. I was truly impressed by the community support and the participants. 

Thank you all for being there!” Del also gave a shout out to Newberg & Tigard for their participation and said he counted 36 bikes. Commander Sears reminded us that this was a single handed effort that took Angel Mendoza one year to plan. “Be sure and thank him when you see him.”


Future Post Activities: Debra Godwin reported to the group about the AUX Christmas baskets. They have received 19 applications to date. They will accept apps until 12/11. They helped 26 families last year and expect to help that many or more this year. They will go shopping 12/13, stuff stockings and sort nonperishable food 12/14, fill baskets 12/15, hand out baskets 12/16. Debra said, “Last year the riders showed up to help. They weren’t even asked, they just showed up. You guys are phenomenal!” If anyone has even one hour to help with any of these tasks it will be appreciated. Last year they received a huge donation from Walmart that they will not be getting this year or next year. Their budget is $2000, spent $1400 last year. Fire department will donate toys, fire & cub scouts have collection barrels, members are donating turkeys. They are also sending a package to a young MHS grad deployed in Iraq. Angel is PIC. Aux is paying $100 of $400 postage. They are not asking for money at this time. Bob Berweger will follow up with Angel.


Unfinished Business: Chris asked Frosty the status of the fluorescent light upgrade. Frosty is still working on it.

Steve Randles presented the SOP changes that were made to make the 10% of the year-end balance 12/31 of uncommitted funds be given to the Legion for the Maintenance Fund.

The blanket raffle was brought up. There were suggestions to sell raffle tickets. Gale said he has advertiser if flyer is made. Chris will make a flyer.

New Business:  Director Sieber has been speaking with Scott Law of the McMinnville Fire Dept. regarding CPR and First Aid classes. There are three options available ranging from $45-$58, certified and uncertified, infant to adult and adult only. The classes are about 5 hours long. Director said, “It would be nice if multiple people could give first aid should the need arise on rides, etc. Farley said Comm. Sears had appointed him to look into this as well. It was noted that %58 does not include defibrillator training. Gale said we were supposed to receive a defibrillator for free but it hasn’t happened yet. Mike Paull said the machines are fool proof with speaking step by step instructions, to which all agreed. Debra mentioned that Chris recently applied the Heimlich maneuver on a choking patron at the post and it would be good to have the staff trained. It was mentioned that the certified vs the uncertified class could open liability issues. Frosty said he would like to take the training. Chris was certified ADE training last month through his work.

Jerry George presented the tribe with paperwork and expected a $250 donation. When Jerry picked up the check he learned that a Veterans group at the tribe had added another $1000 to the donation making it $1250. They would like us to use the funds specifically to help Veterans. Terry Naig suggested we contact Jeanne Clayton. Debra JuShae said the funds will be held in the fund and she can ask for help if she needs it. Terry said we should be sure to follow up with the tribe. It was discussed how last year a group of riders went to the council and thanked them in person and this was something we would like to do again. The money will be put into the Charles Hamilton Fund. Jeri Paull asked if this fund was separate from the uncommitted balance so it would be separated from the 10% maintenance fund. The answer was the funds are their own line item, not part of the uncommitted balance. 

Commander Sears said to Jim Connelly, “The Veterans concert this year was very moving and brought tears to my eyes. I have a clarinet I would like to donate to Second Winds.” Del said he has a trumpet he would like to donate. Jim will gladly accept these gifts. Chris said, “The concert wets my eyes each year.”


Committee Reports:

Director Sieber explained that the director and treasurer give a report each meeting but the other board members are not given time to speak so he has allotted time for this at tonight’s meeting.

Chris Sieber reported the Rider Incentive miles; Jerry 3861, Chris 1830, Debra 2019, Jeri 3443, Mike 4481, Tony 1631, Bob Berweger 2391, Sim 1970, Janet 1075, Paul 635, Gale 2083, Bob Hyde 2527, Frosty 171, Jim Connelly 443, Jack 3249, Jerry George 3249, Steve Kindle 1338, Steven Stone 225, Larry 83, Steve Randles 600, Del 269, Dave Constans 105, Jim Smith 1270, Jerry Terry 1270, Georgia White 269. Chris is passing on the duties of rider incentive mile logging to Road Captain Tony Amodeo. Send all your miles to Tony from now on via email at amadayo@msn.com or text (971) 409-9461. Chris said with over 40,000 miles on the highway reported there’s a lot of opportunity to get tangled up and he is most happy these have all been safe miles.

Vice Director Randles reported he went to the Post activity meeting and got these dates; 12/3 Combat Veteran’s Association meeting, 12/6 Chamber Meet n Greet, 12/7 AUX bazaar, 12/7 Dave Adams will interview Veterans on the radio, 12/11 SAL/Pearl Harbor Breakfast, 12/23 White Elephant, 12/31 New Year’s Eve party 9-12. Steve said a representative from the Christian Academy School in McMinnville asked for donations from each family to purchase 4929 flags at a cost of $3453.65. Donations are tax deductible. The plan is to teach the students about patriotism by having them place 1 flag for every Oregonian man and woman that has been killed in combat since WWI. They will place these flags in front of the school on the Friday before Memorial Day weekend and keep them up through Monday. The initial cost of the flags should last many years so this can be an annual event. Steve Randles mad a motion to donate $100. Bob Berweger asked it to be increased to $500. Gale Sears suggested this was too much so early in their fundraising. The initial motion was amended to $300, seconded, approved with one nay. Debra will write a check to the school.

Sgt Arms Paul Schnell: nothing to report.

Road Captain Amodeo said he is starting to think about our 2018 poker ride. Last year was about 350 miles, he said. If anyone has any ideas let him know. He said the consensus is for a one day ride that starts and stops at Post 21, to keep the money here. Steve Farley said in the past we went to other posts to help support them. Tony will put a committee together at the first of the year.

Secretary Jeri Paull explained she would like to have a photo shoot with all the current ALR members in front of the Post and have blank cards made up depicting the riders to be used as thank you cards and other correspondence from the group. She said this thought was inspired by the generous donation of time, money and talent given to the riders by Dan Boyer, who hand crafted bottle openers from the bullet shells from this year’s Memorial Day ride and gave to all the riders at Post 21 that participated along with the Frank E Evans Memorial officials. She also wanted to recognize Torrey Smith who created beautiful prints of the Iwo Jima Statue carved by Jesse Leavitt for our Legacy Ride fundraiser. She also requested permission to include dinner for 2 certificates to the Post to each of them. Terry Naig said it would be nice to have a certificate made for donors like these. Paul Schnell found on the Flag and Emblem site an American Legion official certificate maker for $10. Jeri explained the cards would cost $46.80 for 50 or $79.30 for 100. She would take a group photo at the conclusion of tonight’s meeting and get 2 cards made right away to be sent to these donors and plan a group photo shoot in the future when everyone could be notified and have the opportunity to be present. Steve Farley made a motion to cover the cost of 2 dinner for 2 certificates, $79.30 for 100 cards and $10 for the certificate program. Motion seconded, passed.

Historian Jim Connelly said Bob Berweger’s recent heart attack generated a great amount of love. He mentioned the Marines birthday. He would like to see the Veterans more prominent at the next parade. 11/12 was the Veterans Day concert. Jim said his eyes always get wet when playing this concert and it was amazing to hear that others were moved in this way too. He mentioned the POW flag, Faith Gerstal escort, potluck and Christmas trees. “Another load is coming in tomorrow.”

Chaplain Jerry George said, “Thank you for letting me be Chaplain and having the faith to allow me to say the blessings before our rides and meetings. I appreciate people letting me know when someone is sick or injured.”

Membership Chair Mike Paull said 15 people out of 48 have paid their 2018 dues. He will put it out on Facebook that dues are due by the end of the year. Dues can be paid in the ALR drop box or directly to Mike. He said the barber Indian Don will post any flyers we have at his shop next to New to You.


Good of the order: Frosty presented the group with a gift from Eagles Nest and Jim Connelly. Jim purchased one of the prints that Torrey Smith had made of a Rider (Frosty) standing in front of the Iwo Jima statue at Chinook Winds with the 1,000 flags in the back ground. Red Woodsy (Frosty) created a beautiful redwood frame for it as a Christmas gift to the Legion.

Jimmy Smiths wife sent lemon muffins for the group. Yummy!!


Sick or injured: Mike Paull reported Frosty tweaked his knee and needs our good vibes. Chris said Bob Berweger is recuperating from his recent heart attack. Bob credits his speedy recovery to the help of his wife, Becky. Chris said Bob was there supervising the Christmas light hanging last weekend. Terry Naig reported longtime air museum volunteer WWII & Korea Veteran Collin Armstrong passed away. “He grew up here and he died here. Please keep his family in your thoughts.” He was a past County Commissioner and rode in the Lincoln convertible during parades. He was 94 years old.


50/50 drawing: Jimmy Smith was the winner with $42 to him, $43 to ALR.

Next meeting is January 24, 2018.

Meeting adjourned at 2045 hrs.










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