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Sons of the American Legion - McMinnville Squad 21

Legion SAL

Date  1- 4-17

Call to order   6:30 p.m.

Pledge of Allegiance

Prayer and moment of silence for MIA/ POW


Roll call  Angel Mendoza, Terry Naig, Gene Hamilton, Steve Kindle, five members and two guests.

Meeting Minutes Reviewed  Steve Farley 1st   Steve Kindel  2nd  All approved

 Finance Report   $x,146.85 balance, Steve Farley 1st, Angel Mendoza  2nd  all approved.

Commanders Report   Gene introduced Brandon Lepkowski and Bob Wittrock as new members and each told everyone about their background.

Old Business  Angel Mendoza talked about the October meeting that Jim Baker said he would donate $300 to the Sea Cadets and it was not done, Gene Hamilton said he would talk to him. Angel said that Adam Finnicum donated $200 to the Sea Cadets but had not received, Adam said he would get with Angel.

New Business  Angel talked about the Activities committee needs people to attend from the S.A.L. to help out with upcoming events, them meet at 5:30 before the general Legion meeting on the 3rd Wednesday of each month. S.A.L. will take the lead to find volunteers to help the Legion for Valentines brunch.

Steve Farley made a motion to turn over to Legion and have the S.A.L. to volunteer and to assist with brunch.  Terry Naig 2nd   motion passed.

Angel talked about the McMinnville high school doing baskets for troops that were from McMinnville and need help with postage, this ran $400 last year. The teacher contact is Francesca Morrison. Angel told everyone that the high school was also making a wall of honor for students who joined the military and the plaques cost $30 and they planned to do around 4 each year.

 Angel made a motion to donate money for 5 plaques. Terry Ward 2nd  motion passed.

Angel asked for members to attend general meeting for a special award that is to happen on the 18th.

Angel has been tracking volunteer hours from S.A.L. for the last year and announced that Terry Naig had won the $50 prize from the American Legion catalog.

The S.A.L. plaque will be done soon and then any member can buy through the S.A.L. a name plate to honor their fathers that will be installed on that large plaque. The price was reported to cost $10 but checked and it will run $15.  

Good of the order  Terry Ward wants to challenge everyone to come and help the activities committee and take on projects.

Adam Finnicum said he will start to look for Christmas tree donations for the next sales.

The S.A.L. needs someone to track this year’s volunteers hours, Steve Kindle said he would think about it.

Adam Finnicum said he would be the Chaplin, Angel made a motion to this. Terry Ward 2nd   motion passed

Gales Sears talked about volunteerism and not to expect people to volunteer but to ask someone to help when things need to get dune.

Gene Hamilton and Steve Farley talked about family members who were graduating from high school or college that were then headed into the military.  

Sick or Injured   Fritz passed away about 3 weeks ago.

Elva Salinas has been having knee problems

Next Meeting  2- 1-2017

Adjourn  7:29 p.m.    

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